Kauri trees

Kauri trees are among the world’s most massive and can grow for 100s of years. This native NZ species is now protected, but was heavily logged and few stands of old growth are left.

When Beth was here, together with Ben we took a short trip to the closest stand of Kauris to Auckland–in the Kauri Cascade park,in the Waitakere ranges.  This is just to the west of Auckland where much of the city’s water comes from.  The remote, steep ravines here seem to have saved these trees.  In the 1920s the owner proposed exploding a small waterfall (the “Cascades”) to make it easier to log the last of them, but the scheme was not carried through.

Large portions of the trail are on raised walkways, not least to protect the surface roots of the Kauris. I can’t help but take pictures, but of course the trees don’t bend over backwards to try and fit in the frame for you!

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